Home Depot Dropshipping Guide

Home Depot Dropshipping Guide

Home Depot is regarded as one of the best suppliers of dropshipping by many dropshippers. Why? Home Depot carries so many items that people love to buy. However, if you’re not a dropshipper from the US – home depot might be difficult to work with.

In case you are not familiar with home depot and home depot dropshipping, let’s start there.

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What Is Home Depot?

A home construction and tools supplier – Home Depot – One of the leading American Suppliers, offers an array of products for homeowners.

Home Depot is an authorized retailer of a number of brands and it carries its own exclusive lines such as HDX, Workforce Tools, and Husky Tools.

Compared to other companies that are in the same line of business, Home Depot has plenty of advantages over them. As we discuss the topic here, we’ll go over all the advantages as well as how to utilize them as you run your dropshipping business on eBay.

Perks At Home Depot

Amazon may be the same as Home Depot because both provide free two-day shipping on a wide range of products. Over 1 million items are included in the free shipping offer.

Home Depot delivers free of charge on items worth more than 45 dollars.

Though you can’t split an order. A buyer cannot send 2 different products to 2 different addresses and combine them into one 45 dollar order. It simply won’t work.

Previously, the policy allowed it, but now it is not possible.

On the other hand, the default shipping method is standard shipping and is the other option available mostly in Home Depot stores, which typically involves delivery through a small package carrier.

Such orders will incur a shipping fee, which varies based on the size and weight of the item, therefore you can opt-out of such listings.

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Home Depot Dropshipping

Home Depot To eBay Dropshipping

Dropshipping from the Home Depot to eBay involves listing Home Depot products on eBay for a higher price per unit than those offered at the Home Depot.

Upon selling the item on eBay, the item is dropped shipped to the buyer simply by inputting eBay buyers’ details on the Home Depot website and arranging for the item to be delivered directly to the buyer.

Dropshipping is what it sounds like in the first place since you never have to hold inventory.

What prevents people from going direct to Home Depot?

People usually ask us this question a lot. It’s a simple matter of brand preference. It is possible to find many items on eBay that are not available at Home Depot.

Because of this, people tend to use websites that are familiar to them and easy to navigate, and eBay is one such place where people can shop without having to visit different websites.

Rather than shopping around and taking the time to look at many different websites, buyers often simply go to eBay, find what they are looking for, find it at a reasonable price, and buy it.

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