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Walmart Dropshipping – is there any risk in 2023

Walmart Dropshipping – is there any risk in 2023

Walmart Dropshipping is a way of selling goods in which the seller does not need to store or ship any goods. Instead, they outsource order fulfillment to a third-party vendor. Walmart is a rather exclusive market, making it perfect for dropshipping, despite being typically quite competitive.
Sellers will have access to a vast marketplace on Walmart.com that is less competitive than Amazon. Dropshippers, on the other hand, may reach many more customers than if they built an online store from the ground up.

If you believe Amazon is the first and deadliest shark in the Ecommerce Ocean, you should be aware of the facts. According to them, Walmart is the second-largest online retailing eCommerce platform, with U.S. eCommerce sales expected to expand by 8% by 2021. Walmart’s drop shipping strategy, according to eMarketer, is only trailing Amazon and brick-and-mortar stores in terms of keeping ahead of many other eCommerce websites like eBay. If you’re a dropshipper, Walmart’s Marketplace could help you make money.

Walmart is the second-largest retail e-commerce platform, according to eMarketer, accounting for 6.7 percent of retail eCommerce sales in 2020. It is only second to Amazon, and it uses its physical storefronts to keep ahead of other eCommerce sites such as eBay.
This guide will walk you through the Walmart dropshipping procedure. We’ll address issues such as: What are the advantages and disadvantages of drop shipping at Walmart? You will also find the best dropshipping ideas for Walmart and how to get started with this unique channel.

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Walmart Dropshipping

What is Walmart Dropshipping, and how does it work?

Walmart Dropshipping is a well-known 1P and 3P business concept. The way it operates is divided into two sections.

⦁ It purchases things wholesale from vendors and lists them all on its website.
⦁ It manages listing optimizations, price, and everything else customers can see on Walmart.com, much like it does for 1P sellers.

On the other hand, Sellers are willing to accept responsibility for any inventories and shipment orders made on Walmart, whether from a buyer or a Walmart store.

Walmart will cover all shipping charges, including two-day delivery, even if you are responsible for mailing your products. Your responsibility is to get the product out the door, and Walmart will handle the rest.

There are three methods to use Walmart to dropship:

⦁ Walmart Dropshipping products to Amazon or eBay is a growing trend.
⦁ Walmart’s Drop Ship Vendor service allows merchants to distribute products to customers directly.
⦁ At Walmart Marketplace, you can sell dropshipped items.

We’ll concentrate on the last sort of Walmart dropshipping as a third-party seller.

Third-party selling entails putting your products up for sale on Walmart under your company’s name. The seller is in charge of the entire process and benefits from Walmart’s vast client base. It’s not easy to gain approval for this form of selling on Walmart, but it’s well worth it, as this post will demonstrate.

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Why would you want to use Walmart dropshipping?

Walmart Dropshipping is a successful company, but it cannot be easy to stand out with so many competitors. Walmart provides the best of both worlds for this type of seller: a top online marketplace with more than 380 million visitors in 2020 alone, but not so crowded that it’s impossible to stand out.


Walmart is a newcomer to eCommerce, and it doesn’t face the same level of competition as Amazon. It currently has just over 88,000 merchants, which is nothing compared to Amazon’s 1.6 million.

Walmart benefits dropshippers in a variety of ways, in addition to providing a less crowded marketplace.

⦁ There are no hidden prices or fees.

Setting up a store or registering to sell on Walmart’s platform is entirely free. In reality, you’ll only be charged a referral fee if you sell something. More information about referral fees can be found here.

⦁ A wide range of items is available.

You can sell in over 35 different categories at Walmart. You can sell a range of things on the site if your product isn’t on the Prohibited Products list.
Because there is less competition for the Buy Box on Walmart’s marketplace than on Amazon’s, sellers have a higher chance of winning it.


Despite its advantages, Walmart dropshipping is not without flaws. The following are some disadvantages:

⦁ A lengthy application and registration process is required.

There are a few things you’ll need to offer merely to get accepted that not all sellers will have, as Walmart is picky about seller quality. Before applying, you might wish to start with alternative platforms. Approval can take up to two weeks, and onboarding can take three to four weeks.

⦁ Stringent pricing regulations.

Because Walmart strives to provide the best possible value to its customers, vendors must follow specific pricing guidelines.

⦁ Profit margins are shrinking.

Although lower prices may result in more sales, selling on Walmart may reduce profit margins. It is due to Walmart’s pricing policies, which state that Walmart will remove the item if the identical product is sold for a considerably higher price on another marketplace.

Don’t allow the disadvantages of dropshipping on Walmart to scare you away. Consider the drawbacks of marketplaces like Amazon, where you must pay any fees while competing with many people. Or Shopify, where you’ll have to start from scratch with your customer base.

Dropshippers are often better off selling on Walmart than on alternative platforms because they have lower overhead costs and a vast consumer base to sell to.

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Walmart Dropshipping business

What is the best way to dropship on Walmart?

Although the Walmart Marketplace appears to be a great place to sell, becoming a vendor or seller might be difficult. Follow the steps below to start dropshipping on Walmart:

Step 1: Conduct a product and supplier search.

It’s not the same as Amazon product targeting; instead, it’s the polar opposite. Keep the following details in mind when researching providers:

⦁ Check the supplier’s website for updates and see whether they take orders via email. When dropshipping on Walmart, local vendors can usually offer products quickly. If you’re a new dealer, take advantage of the greater visibility that comes with quick delivery.

⦁ Examine their efficiency and organization. Their responsiveness and speed in responding to inquiries and their capacity to carry out your requests demonstrate this. Examine their understanding of the product as well.

⦁ To make investigating possible vendors easier, create a checklist that contains these details and any other criteria you believe are essential.

⦁ Before deciding which product or niche to offer, research consumer trends and how much the products will sell.

⦁ Check your products against the Restricted Products list at Walmart.

⦁ Use Google Trends and Facebook Audience Insights for any product research and analysis. Such tools may help you better analyze consumer behavior regarding things you’re contemplating.

You can figure out how much your items are worth by comparing them to those of your competitors. Examine whether you can afford to undercut their costs.

Step 2: Apply to sell on Walmart.

You’ll need clearance for any technique you use to sell items through Walmart. Walmart has a rigorous application and integration process to choose good merchants who genuinely provide a positive user experience.

Populate information in the spaces with relevant information. It will take about 10 minutes to complete if you have all the necessary materials. You should have this information on hand to enroll.

Authorization to sell on the Walmart Platform can take up to two weeks, and onboarding up to four weeks.

Step 3: Navigate to the Walmart Marketplace. Onboarding of Sellers

Once you’ve been approved to trade on Walmart, you’ll need to complete the onboarding process. You will receive an email with a registration link. The entire onboarding process consists of ten steps.

The authorized seller will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the enrolment process. Sellers will then be able to do the following:

⦁ Create an account for yourself.

⦁ Fill out all tax forms.

⦁ Accept the Retailers’ Agreement with Walmart.

⦁ Fill in the following payment and shipping information: Payoneer or Hyperwallet.

⦁ The seller should then complete Walmart’s Partners Profile. It would include extensive information that buyers will see, such as your firm name, descriptions, logo, corporate policies, and much more.

You can add various things for sale after your storefront is up and running. You can practice ordering by posting two or three items and placing orders. Inside the Seller Center, you’ll find everything you need to research. It applies to the following scenarios:

⦁ Order confirmation

⦁ Cancellation of order

⦁ Place an order for delivery.

⦁ Refunds on orders

Once you’ve double-checked everything, you’re ready to move forward. Walmart will conduct one final review before allowing your account to become life.

When your business store is up and running, your products are successfully published on Walmart Marketplace. Customers can purchase your product or service within a few hours of it being uploaded, and they’ll be searchable in 24-48 hours.

Step 4: Taking Care of the Orders

When your store starts to run, the speed with which it ships and fulfills orders is vital to its success. All merchants can take advantage of Walmart’s two-day shipping program.

The offer of two-day delivery is a great way to attract new clients and boost product sales. Quick delivery is rewarded with Buy Box slots and a higher search ranking at Walmart.

It’s essential to remember that while Walmart’s Two-Day shipping service can help you rank better in search results, it’s not for everyone. When you utilize the Two-Day tag, you may offer your customers free nationwide shipping—at a cost to your business.

Stick to standard shipping if your organization can’t afford it. Don’t overpromise and then fall short.

You may utilize Deliverr to fill orders right away with Walmart. That platform works with Walmart’s Two-Day shipping service to ensure fast delivery and greater item availability. Delivery is a Walmart-approved vendor for two-day fulfillment.

Delivery may pick up your items straight from your supplier and store them near your consumers, allowing you to offer low-cost, quick shipping. For fulfillment, you pay a set fee.

Remember that you are not forced to use a specific fulfillment service, despite Walmart’s suggestions and shipping rules, which some sellers may find helpful.

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Walmart Dropshipping Services

Dropshipping at Walmart: Some Pointers

While selling on Walmart may provide you with a large customer base and less competition than other platforms, success is not guaranteed. Follow the recommendations below to make your Walmart drop shipping experience easier.

Keep an eye on your company’s analytics.

You’ll never know how successfully Walmart dropshipping works unless you monitor it. You can figure out what works and what doesn’t by tracking the data.

Attempt to satisfy Walmart’s customer service standards.

Walmart monitors seller productivity and performance on their system using a set of criteria. Below are some examples of service quality indicators:

⦁ After ninety days, the order failure rate is less than 2%.

⦁ Over 95% of shipments arrive on time.

⦁ A valid monitoring rate of more than 99 percent is required.

⦁ Maintaining these protocols requires responding to all consumer inquiries and processing purchases as soon as possible. It also requires minimizing and effectively managing cancellations and reimbursements.

Streamline the information about the product.

They may accomplish a lot of work for you if you set your product data correctly. You may boost the number of clients who find you by effectively creating your listings, which leads to more product sales.

Make your product listings more appealing.

If you maintain your position as excellent in your product listings, they can do much work for you. More buyers will reach out to you if you strategically create your listings, which will help you sell more things.

Make your listing titles as precise as possible.

Customers can identify and understand whether your product is what they seek if you keep your listing titles concise.

List characteristics in your product titles to make them unique from others.

Sony Bluetooth headphones are the best example of this. You may want to use a simple title. On the other hand, a title like “Sony Bluetooth Headphones Noise Canceling” will attract a client who would otherwise have to go through multiple descriptions to obtain that information.

In the description, it is recommended to include a list of the product’s benefits. You can more easily grab a buyer to buy your product by listing the characteristics and benefits of your product.

Make use of simple, high-quality product photos. Also include several photographs of the product, both alone and in usage.

What are your dropshipping possibilities with Walmart?

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Here are a couple of choices for Walmart dropshipping with Walmart that are acceptable:

⦁ Walmart’s platform allows you to dropship.

You can sell dropshipped products to Walmart customers by utilizing a Walmart dropshipping provider like Alibaba. Dropshipping from Walmart is prohibited; however, drop shipping within Walmart is legal.

⦁ Become a Walmart Supplier or a Drop Ship Vendor (DSV).

Walmart Marketplace is a B2B platform via which you may sell products to Walmart for resale. Instead of being a direct retailer, you play the position of a manufacturer or wholesaler in this scenario. You can ship products to a Walmart head office straight to the customer using the DSV program.

Purchase the things for resale on your own. Most online marketplace policies stipulate that something cannot be supplied directly from other shops. You can have them shipped to you and then send them to your clients, known as retail arbitrage.
You can dropship with Walmart with confidence if you can manage one of the choices.

⦁ What does it mean to be a Walmart Drop Ship Vendor?

As a Walmart Drop Ship Vendor (DSV), you take on the role of a manufacturer without having to worry about sales. You provide the merchandise, and Walmart sells it.

To become a Walmart supplier, you must meet specific requirements. Walmart will not accept just any wholesaler. Therefore, you may need to upgrade your operation to fulfill their requirements. To learn which hoops you’ll have to jump through, go to Walmart’s Supplier Checklist.

It’s crucial to know the difference between Walmart DSVs and ordinary Walmart suppliers before applying to become a Walmart DSV. Drop Ship Vendors deliver products directly to customers, whereas traditional suppliers have goods to Walmart’s warehouses. There are more obligations with the DSV program, but there are also more benefits.

Dropshipping from Walmart to eBay or Amazon is a simple process.

You can’t, to put it bluntly.

As we explained earlier, Walmart cancels orders if it suggests you dropshipping from their store. Even if you can get around Walmart, you won’t do it on eBay or Amazon. Both Amazon’s and eBay’s dropshipping policies expressly state that you cannot buy things from other sellers and ship them directly to their customers.

However, you can still employ the above-mentioned retail arbitrage strategy. Just make sure you have enough space to store everything!

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Walmart Dropshipping Automation

Before selling on Walmart Marketplace, get feedback from customers.

It is the best way to learn the course of the land before selling on Walmart Marketplace — or anyplace else for that matter. A variety of markets attract different customers, and what works on one site might not work on another. When you’re trying out a new e-commerce sales channel, the first thing you should do is gather consumer data.

Split testing reveals what customers want – and don’t want. Create a poll on PickFu to expose each choice to your target audience (which you define) and see which performs better if you’re stuck with a difficult decision about a product you’re selling or want to sell on Walmart.

Final Thoughts

Walmart dropshipping provides many advantages to drop shippers, but there are also drawbacks. The marketplace has a significant effect on retail establishments, and any infraction could result in your products being removed. To increase your business, consider selling on platforms other than Walmart.

To increase your sales, list your things on various online platforms like Amazon and eBay, or build a shop site with WooCommerce and Shopify. However, the price gap between your purchases may be significantly more significant on these sites.

Walmart dropshipping provides a variety of advantages to drop shippers. The marketplace has excellent power over merchants’ stores, and any infraction can result in your items being removed. Suppose selling on platforms other than Walmart to expand your business.

List your products on other e-commerce sites like Amazon or eBay, or establish an online store with WooCommerce or Shopify to generate your sales. There can not be a considerable pricing difference between your products on these sites. Otherwise, your account will get deactivated by Walmart.

Alternatively, Walmart may deactivate your account. As a result, you should use caution when dropshipping from Walmart. Your firm will undoubtedly be on the right track once you’ve caught the market!

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Is it legal to drop ship at Walmart?

When you work with a dropshipping supplier, you’ll be able to offer drop shipped product lines directly to Walmart shoppers. While dropshipping now from Walmart to your customers is not permitted, dropshipping via the Walmart platform is perfectly okay and permitted.

What are the processes to becoming a Walmart drop shipper?

If you’ve decided that the Walmart dropshipping model is the best future choice for you and your company, you’ll need first to meet the DSV program’s requirements and register online. There are thorough, step-by-step instructions on Walmart’s website to make the onboarding process as straightforward as possible.

How hard is it to get permission to sell on Walmart?

Acceptance should be simple if you maintain your warehousing or work with a reputable, unaffiliated fulfillment company. While f you rely on Amazon FBA, you may run into problems. The Walmart poll inquires what percentage of orders are fulfilled by Amazon.

What Is the Difference Between Dropshipping and Other Selling Models at Walmart?

Selling on Walmart Marketplace can be done in a few different ways.

Dropshipping from Walmart is the first choice.

On the Walmart Marketplace, you can become a 3P seller and dropship products. You have complete control over the listing and fulfillment of your products with 3P selling. When a customer places an order, your drop shipping provider takes care of the packing and delivery.

Become a Walmart Drop Ship Vendor or a Walmart Supplier as an option.

You act as a wholesaler and transport your products in bulk to a Walmart warehouse as a Walmart Supplier. The entire selling process will then be handled by Walmart, including listing, shipping, and returns.

You retain control over the shipping of your products as a Walmart Drop Ship Vendor. Everything else, including listing optimization and product pricing, is under Walmart’s control.

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